CFS’s team of data scientists have developed numerous analytical models that enable your credit union to gain deep insight into such topics and member profitability, product effectiveness, loan loss predictions and variety of other strategic topics. In addition, CFS’s CU Analytics solution enables analysts within your credit union to connect to the live data source and build your own analytical applications and dashboards. Take a look at the product sheet for more information about the CU Analytics product.

Credit Union Analytics for COVID-19

Most credit unions are not able to get value out of their transactions since they cannot get them into a usable format. However, CFSCG’s Analytics Data Connector’s customers are able to gain exceptional value and insight from their own transactions and do the following analysis (with CFSCG’s help) during the COVID-19 Pandemic in order to better access the impact of this crisis.

CFSCG’s Analytic Data Connector Benefits During the Coronavirus Crisis:

  • External Loans Analysis
    • With the CFSCG’s Analytics Data Connector credit unions are able to mine out member external loans. This can be combined by either the member or by the competitor depending on the need. Allowing a credit union to better understand who is getting “paid” during these times.
  • Staffing Dashboard
    • CFSCG has built staffing dashboards that allows credit unions to see which branches/Tellers are busy and when. Allowing credit unions to see high level aggregate transactions all the way down to which teller executed which transactions at a specific time. This provides excellent analysis during this time to help determine if a branch needs to stay open and adjustment of hours that it needs to be open to service its members.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal Trends Analysis
    • Many of CFSCG’s customers are leveraging Deposit/Withdrawal dashboards to get a better sense if their deposits are falling off or if withdrawals are changing in a significant way.
  • Loan Arrythmia – Loan Portfolio Predictive Analytics Model
    • CFSCG has built a model that measures the amount of negative activity on a loan. This information can be used to measure the overall risk of the portfolio based on performance and not original risk rating. It can also be used in a predictive model to determine which loans are likely to charge off over the next 90 days. Invaluable at this time to determine what members may need help and an overall outlook at what to get prepared for.
  • Courtesy Fees Analysis
    • CFSCG has built a model that makes it easier to measure and understand those members who leverage the credit union overdraft protection. This model will the credit you see which members are using this service, by how much, how often, how long, and also if that usage is changing over time. It can be a warning signal to help members in need.
  • Loan Revenue Delta (Portfolio Revenue Analysis)
    • CFSCG has built a model that can take a loan portfolio, estimate how much it was supposed to generate in revenue at opening, take existing payment behavior and generate an expected revenue model. This is done at the individual loan level. This model can be leveraged in a variety of ways including, seeing how the credit union’s portfolio is behaving against expected, how are different collateral types performing, different risk ratings, etc. Since this model also generates projected maturity dates based on payment behavior, a credit union can see when the loan is actually going to pay off and measure changes over time in the expected maturity date. For example, if members typically add additional principal to their payments or just make extra payments and due to the crisis decide to stop, that will change the repayment time-frame of the loan portfolio.

Call Terry Martin @ 630-574-7656 for more details regarding CFSCG’s Analytics (Transactions) Data Connector.

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